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(All age groups are subject to a $10 per player field utilization fee that is being imposed by the Warren Co. Parks and Rec. Dept.)

Age groups that offered -

Coach Pitch                                                                     Fast Pitch                           

4 yr. olds   $40 (not offered in fall ) 10 & Under    $75
6 & Under  $50                         12 & Under   $75
8 & Under  $50                           14 & Under   $75
                                                                        16 & Under   $75
                                                                            18 & Under   $75

Our spring season typically starts with practices in April, games beginning in May and going into June, depending on the weather.  Fall season typically runs from mid August thru September.

The age divisions that we have each season depend on the number of applicants there are.
For example - 14 & under and 16 & under may be combined and called 16 & under.

First, and foremost, our leagues are instructional leagues.  Every effort is made to teach the fundamentals of softball and to develop each and every athlete based on their level of experience and ability.

The fast pitch leagues have player evaluations for the spring season only.  This is by no means a try out.  Every child that wants to play in the fast pitch league will play.  


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There are no refunds.
Tina Tuck, Treasurer
P.O. Box 1418
Bowling Green, KY  42102
Fax 877-808-3978

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